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All these years we have had to settle for ONE hemline.
ONE that is either too short for heels, or too long for flats.
But now, with HemmingMyWay, you can have TWO HEMS AT THE SAME TIME. This is
not your mother's fashion fact, it's NOT tape at all. HemmingMyWay is the FIRST of
it's kind: an adhesive SNAP HEM allowing you to simplify SNAP under your long hem for flats
(and here's the kicker) UNSNAP to slip back into heels..
TWO HEMSAT THE SAME TIME...let's see your (old) fashion tape so that!

Hemming My Way is the only product that truly hempowers you to finally say:
NO to expensive habits of buying TWO pairs of jeans with different hem lengths.  NO to pricey
trips to the tailor,  NO to long hems dragging on the ground, and YES to running around town
in stylish flats, before slipping back into stilettos for dinner.


Fabric friendly and a cinch to apply.
Removable and reusable for at least 8 washes, giving you months of wear (especially for those
who don't wash their denim after every wear). Hemming My Way can be used on any style of jean or trouser (yes, skinny, straight, boot cut or flare).  Perfect for men's apparel, as well as children still growing into their clothes.

Each box contains 16 reusable strips. Good for one pair of pants.
Hemming My Way can be re-used up to 8 washes.

Note :

Only For Customer in USA:

1. Price of Hemming My Way is $12.95 ea plus $4.95shipping and handling
2. Price of hemming My Way is $24.99 for two plus $6.95 shipping and handling
3. Order will be shipped from Los Angles, CA, USA

Canadian Customer Use Below Link for Ordering:

Note :

1. Price of Hemming My Way is $19.99 ea plus shipping and handling
2. Shipping & Handling is $15 flat rate for order qty between 1 to 3 boxes to any destination in Canada
3. Order will be shipped from Vancouver, BC, Canada
4. This offer only vlaid for customer ordering from Canada