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Another fashion solving product created by Hollywood Fashion Tape
Let annoying clothing tags off your back, body and beyond

It’s a universal truth to which all wearers of clothes can attest: Those sewn-in tags can be itchy, irksome and irritating because…  

  • They’re scratchycausing you to over focus on Donna Karan and Calvin Klein—rather than the business at hand—and working way too hard to get those designers off your back.

  • They’re always popping outof your dress, blouse, sweater, even low-rider pants and announcing to the world both your maker and size!  It’s the Grooming Golden Rule:  Fix others’ tags as you would have them fix yours for you. But really, is that the best way to meet new people?

  • They’re hard to cut-outoften making a nice little hole in your favorite blouse, sweater, dress!  And at today’s prices, no one needs that.

  • They’re important for washingor was it dry clean only? Certainly, you’d be in hot water if you tore out the tag that read “Dry Clean Only” and shrunk your newest piece of haute couture.

  • They’re necessaryespecially when your favorite consignment store insists on seeing the Chanel label, not just taking your word for it.                 

The simple, sensitive solution is Hollywood Tag TamersTM!  Clear, adhesive-backed Hollywood Tag TamersTM have a comfortable, cushiony texture that will never itch or irritate sensitive skin.  Hypo-allergenic and fabric friendly, Hollywood Tag TamersTM come in two convenient, easy-to-use sizes to ensure your comfort while preserving your designer image.