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Hollywood Fashion Tape w/ Take Away Tin

Each box of Hollywood Fashion Tape with take away tin has 36 Clear Skin friendly, safe to use Double Stick Strips.

The Stars' secret to always looking perfectly put together. Better than safety pins, Hollywood Fashion Tape is easy to use, lays flat and won't damage fabrics.

Holds your clothing in place. Hides straps, eliminates gaps, without pins. Hide bra straps, secure revealing necklines, hold up strapless tops, eliminate blouse gaps, fix hems fast, close wrap skirts, keep scarves and accessories in place, adhere body jewels, anchor shoulder pads, create costumes.

Nearly invisible yet strong enough to hold all day, it's gentle on skin and fabrics. Hollywood Fashion Tape is a must have in every purse, briefcase and dressing room. Faster than a needle and thread, it's perfect for quick hemming and other emergency repairs. Great for everyday use and a true lifesaver on wedding days, prom nights, or any special occasion. Business wear, evening wear, or everyday clothing ... this new innovative product makes looking great as easy as peel, stick and go!

Note: We only deliver to any address in 48 states within Continental US, address outside Continental US including international orders will be base on actual cost plus $1.00 S&H.