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NuBra Seamless (Nude) NuBra Seamless U (Mocha)

Released mid- October 2006, the Seamless U is another version of the innovative, patented strapless, backless invisible bra. NuBra U is a new product on two levels. The idea of a strapless, backless self- adhesive bra is thesame, however;

  • The new patented technology allows the bra to stick more securely and doubles the life of the bra. The smoother fabric also creates a Seamless finish for all types of fabrics worn over the bra.
  • The NuBra U is made in a half cup, more elongated design. This new design will be the only product on the market that will allow the user to wear the most revealing clothing while still being able to wear a bra.

Sizes: A, B, C, D.
Small will be equivalent to cup A and B
Large can be used for cup sizes C and D
Extra Large will come with a pack of 2 extenders allowing for sizes E & up.

Colors: Nude & Mocha

This NuBra design is the ultimate strapless and backless bra that combines all the best features possible to still provide coverage with the least restraint.

NuBra Seamless (Mocha) NuBra Smealess (Nude)

NuBra Seamless is the first strapless, backless and seamless silicone bra. New patented technology means the NuBra Seamless has a more secure hold and doubles the life of your NuBra Seamless. It also uses a much smoother fabric that renders it one of the best T-shirt bras, second only to the Original NuBra. Its seamless design is made by a special manufacturing process that challenges the most advanced counterfeiter.  Available in cup sizes A to D, in Nude & Mocha.

All NuBra products are fully patented & have been clinically tested and FDA approved, please beware of cheap imitation products that may be harmful to the body.

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NuBra Seamless Retail Package
NuBra Seamless U Retail Pack

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