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Y Vest "All-In-One" Body Control Vest
Shaper Wear Girdle

The Best Body Sliming Control Ever - Instant Result!

Corsets? Not quite… The "Y" Collections Sliming Vest provides Back Support (for better posture) Tummy and Full Torso & body control - the kind of control that means true comfort. No bones, no bulk – not the faintest suggestion of squeeze – yet, you look slimmer and trimmer than ever! Best of all, the vest goes over the bra for a smoother contour. The 12 hook front and adjustable straps gives you the perfect fit. Imported. Nude or Blk. Bust sizes S(32), M(34), L(36), XL(38), XXL(40-42)

Unlike other control designs such as the waist cincher, which can cause a bulge in the gap, in between the bra and the slimming garment. This special designed control vest goes over any bra, eliminating any bulges, creating a smooth contour overall.



I have been wearing the control vest and have been very happy with the results that I get when I wear it. I go out to social dance occasionally and I have a problem wearing an evening gown with my torso and stomach showing. The control vest gives me a nice silhouette and it also some how help lifts my bust, and enhances my breasts, creating a much younger me! I really like the vest very much and I even recommended a lot of my other friend that dances, to buy it too!

Mrs. Lai Ching Chang
Age 69


To whom it may concern,

I started wearing the control vest when I gained some weight from stress, my weigh seem to show mostly in my torso and stomach area. I tried to wear waist cinchers, but the problem with that is that you get a bulge in the gap between the bra and the waist cincher.

My friend recommended me to wear the control vest that she had bought and liked so much. I bought the vest and saw the amazing immediate result of a well controlled torso, controlled belly, and "No Bulges" amazing design! Sometimes I wear the vest under my T-Shirt and somehow it doesn’t show like I am wearing a girdle underneath the T-shirt, and, I look like I have a nice body contour again! The vest is quite comfortable to wear as well, and I feel my back is being supported. When I wear it. Thank you for making such a wonderful all in one control garment that really works!

Happy Eva!
Eva G.
Age: 22


Size Chart Suggestion For, Control vest:

Size Example

Bra Size

Control Vest Size

30 (Reg.) S
32 (Reg.) M
34 (reg.) L
36 (Reg.) XL
38 (Reg.) XXL

Note :

#88007 & #88003 & #8009-1 are already discontinued.

#88019 & #88007-12 Order the size as recommended on the guide chart base on your "True Bra Size".

Style # 97009 and #88003 runs: "One Size Smaller" (follow the guide chart & order "One Size Bigger" from your true bra size).

Each "Control Vest" comes with "3" rows of size adjustable hooks for easy size change adjustments for individual preferred comfort levels.


12 Hooks w/
Adj. Shoulder Straps

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9 Hooks
Vest Control

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12 Hooks
Long Line (Tummy Control) Vest Control

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